Growing growing good

“Trust the journey” printed on a piece of fortune paper that I got from a St Pauline bookstore long ago. Now I have two more bundles of sons and today marks my husband’s and I fourth wedding anniversary. Boy was I in for it when I read that. Then, I was hungry for all things good. I still am today but my eyes are open to all the suffering out in this world. I pray through God to bring sunshines in today’s darkness. Before, I had a big passion to do big things to save the world. I still have this yearning but I realize it would be through “little” things. Today’s “little” thing was enjoying big bubbles with my two little ones and papa. Watching the glassed soap floating in the Hawaiian blue sky. I also have a card for the hubby. He loves to read what I pick out. We’ll see where in my journey these “little” things take me.



Captain Marvel

The modern day fairytale. And I loved everything about it! Carol, the badass superhero glowing every blitz of powerful gold on her mysterious journey of finding herself in the midst of guns, lies, and of course the supernatural.

In relation to the role of a mother, I’m stuck in between… does a mother go out into the world to work? Or does she stay home to tend to her family full-time. Is the in between where working part-time a mediocre choice? And if so, how does one balance the different directions a mother’s heart is being pulled? What is the basis of a mother’s decision to this significant choice?

My question to Carol

1) Where is Monica’s Father?